Cafe’ Citadelle

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Cafe' Citedelle quick Facts

“A subtly bold and delightfully refreshing coffee from Haiti.”

Alltech started Cafe’ Citadelle as a means of sustainable growth in Haiti, the Western Hemisphere’s poorest country.


We work with a Fair Trade Certified TM coffee coorporative in North Central Haiti that represents 6,700 farming families.

Alltech imports the green coffee the farmers produce and has it roasted by Lexington Coffee & Tea.

Proceeds from the sale of the coffee to into Alltech’s 501(c) (3) Ace Foundation, as part of the Sustainable Haiti project.

That money is used to fund our projects in Haitti:

  • Development of the coffee farmers we work with agricultural; education, improvement of facilities, better coffee processing, etc. to improve quality and quantity of coffee and to create jobs.
  • Renovation, expansion, and salary funding of an elementary school in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, called the Centre Educatifl’ Union des Coeurs (Union of the Hearts Educational Center), as well as their choir.
  • Alltech Cafe’ Citadelle is an organic, shade-grown, hand picked 100% Arabica coffee, roasted to a medium-light, subtly bold and delightfully refreshing experience.

To Order Contact John Salyers email:

Contribution information:

    • A 12oz bag of Cafe Citadelle Coffee cost $12.00. This is gourmet coffee and in line with the cost of gourmet coffee.
    • From the $12.00 cost $7.50 goes to the Haiti project and $4.50 goes in the Florence Rotary Foundation for community projects.
    • None of the money is used by Alltech for any purpose other than the direct support of over 6,700 Haitian families.
    • COFFEE ORDER FORM CLICK HERE     * Fair Trade Certified