Youth Exchange 2014 – 2015

by Jack Lundy

blu-gold-logoFellow Rotarian’s,

Okay! Now the work begins! We sponsored three kids to make an exchange. Who among you wants to tell any of them that they cannot go because we can’t find host families for three exchange students? Of course not all of the exchanges have to be sponsored by our club or even in one of our high schools. But, it shouldn’t be that hard to find willing host families. So where do you look for a host family? Under a tree? a rock? in a bar?

None of the above. Start by looking a members of your church. Sometimes they are sitting in the pew in front of you. Don’t grab them after church, call them and ask them over for a little chat. Then, you can hook them. If you know a teacher, they are excellent sources of good host families. The club can place an ad in the paper as long as they don’t provide the names of the kids and don’t do some things. I would have to guide the club on this one.

I am attaching a synopsis of the kids who are coming. I can’t give full names or additional information until we have a host family that is fully vetted. I can share the applications with the club officers since I am vetted as are David and Sharon.

A host family should provide me with their name and email so that they can get set up on the new computer system. It is no longer paper driven. Once the information is in, it is done.

The work begins.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Jack T Lundy


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